24x7 Drama 新聞焦點

《犀利仁師 Incisive Great Teacher》第20集(主演: 主演: 吳奇隆、劉詩詩、吳映潔、葉祖新、霍政諺)Full HD Video/高清全集版

Emperor decrees that women may now attend classes in a school. But his effort to promote gender equality was opposed by the traditional forces. To ensure smooth integration, special agent Liu Ao Tian was sent to the school to be a teacher. He brought with him a group of highly diverse students to challenge the school’s age old tradition.

Nicky Wu as Liu Ao Tian
Liu Shi Shi/Cecilia Liu as Lu Yun Fei
Emma Wu/Gui Gui as Song Wen Wen
Ye Zu Xin as Fan Da Tong
Huo Zheng Yan as Nie Wen Xin

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